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These pieces have varying degrees of print misplacement that are often unnoticeable to the human eye. Please note these tees are non refundable/exchangeable and also may come without label details and free stickers due to the reduction in price. Thank you for the support.

Embody the spirit of the garden. Find warmth in the sun and joy in growth. Give and take like the flow of the elements. Trespass. The garden is ours to enjoy.

Mid/heavy-weight (190G) super soft, white tee with 2 colour, vegan, water-based, pocket and back print detail.
Oversized, organic, fair wear registered and made using renewable energy.

These shirts are large! Please consider sizing down.

XS - 20"Chest/18.5"Length
S - 21"Chest/29.5"Length
M - 22.5"Chest/30"Length
L - 23.5"Chest/31"Length
XL - 24.5"Chest/32"Length
2XL - 26"Chest/32.5"Length

(All sizes approx.)
Help us look after the planet. Wash at 30, and hang dry.

*All our products are tagged and shipped using recycled and recyclable, paper based materials so you can rest easy knowing you are supporting a small business with a small footprint.

Thank you.